Terms and conditions of purchase for E-commerce

Welcome to the website www.holoo.com.br , all services are offered by the company Smile Solutions, registered under CNPJ nº 37.345.399/0001-52, with address in Asa Norte- Brasília/DF, represented by of this web page.

We warn you in advance that by accessing this website you tacitly agree with the provisions contained in this document, so be very careful when reading each of the clauses and obligations set out below:

1.Of the Object

The purpose of this platform is “e-commerce”, that is, offering the sale of products and services online available on our platform or application.

  1. From product reservation

2.1 Our website does not provide any possibility of reserving any of the products offered on our platform.

2.2 The fact that the product is in the shopping cart is not considered a reserve and does not prevent other people from purchasing the product and it running out.

  1. Customer obligations

3.1 The customer must provide complete and correct data when registering on our platform.

3.2 The customer is responsible for any errors in writing or erroneous transmission of data.

3.3 To make any purchase on our website or add products to the cart, you must log in with the username and password provided at the time of registration.

3.4 Do not disclose your login details to third parties under penalty of being held responsible for any conduct resulting from such use.

3.5 Each customer can only register once, and more than one account per CPF will not be accepted.

3.6 Use the platform respecting ethics, good customs, legislation and regulations in force in the country, under penalty of suffering sanctions.

3.7 Be of legal age (18 years old) and have full capacity to register and make purchases on our platform.

3.7.1 If a minor or individual without full capacity purchases any product or service offered on our platform, we will understand that those responsible have authorized it, and they will be responsible for any and all situations that arise, as well as for the purchase.

3.8 Do not comment or send images in reviews that may go against ethics and respect, or that have a defamatory, offensive, hateful or prejudiced nature.

3.9 The first login will be done via a link sent to your registered email.

3.10 Do not provide any false, fraudulent information or information that does not correspond to your data.

  1. Obligations of the e-commerce owner

4.1 Inform clearly and truthfully about the characteristics and specifications of the product available for sale in a clear and complete manner. (Ex: Colors, height, material or width).

4.2 Send the products within the established deadline.

4.3 Provide a secure platform.

4.4 Provide informative images, audios and videos about the products offered, and consistent with what will be delivered to the customer.

4.5 Issue the invoice for the product that will be shipped and send it to the customer with the product.

4.6 Inform how the product should be handled, cleaned or washed and any information considered relevant related to the product.

  1. Disclaimer

5.1 We are not responsible for the misuse or incorrect handling of the product, as well as for any damage that may occur when installing any product purchased on our platform.

5.2 All products we sell are within the standards and conditions that come from the factory, the distributor or the company that resold the product.

5.3 We provide all pertinent information related to the product, as well as they are accompanied by instructions for use and care in their boxes or through an instruction manual.

  1. Intellectual Property

6.1 All design and layout are the property of our website, and were developed by a service provider that was hired for this purpose.

6.2 All images, illustrations, works of art, HTML, commercial names, software or videos made available on our platform by one of the page managers are our property.

6.2.1 The images and videos are for illustrative purposes only, as depending on the monitor or screen of the electronic device, it may vary in colors or tones.

6.3 The logo, brand and entire appearance of the webcompany/company are our property.

6.4 Unauthorized copying of any image, video, design, audio, appearance or product descriptions on our website is prohibited, under penalty of sanctions for anyone who disobeys.

6.5 We are not responsible for external links that may appear on our page.

6.5.1 There are some areas that may present advertisements or provide links, but we do not have any type of relationship, so be very careful when browsing these pages and providing your data, as browsing these pages is the responsibility of the user/client .

6.6 Nothing contained on our website guarantees the right to grant a license or right to use without the express consent of one of the page managers or the page owner.

6.7 Consent to copy or share must be in writing, clearly and expressly.

6.8 It is prohibited to share, copy, plagiarize or make available any content, photo, video or audio found on our website without express consent.

  1. Payment methods

7.1 The payment methods accepted in our e-commerce are credit and debit cards, or PIX and bank slip.

7.2 The bank slip can be issued at the moment you choose the option, fill in the requested data and generate it.

7.2.1 The invoice expires on the date stated on it and will not be accepted after the due date.

7.2.2 If the invoice expires and payment has not been made, the product will become available for sale again and it will be necessary to make a new purchase to acquire it.

7.3 The product will be shipped as soon as payment is processed, registered and confirmed on our platform.

7.4 Any other form of payment is not accepted by our e-commerce.

7.5 Discount coupons are accepted, as long as we make them available, and are subject to exhaustion or cancellation at any time.

7.5 If the customer wants to pay the product in more installments, he or she must pay the operator's interest.

7.6 To request a refund, contact our Customer Service Center or SAC.

  1. Product delivery and shipping

8.1 The product will be sent as soon as payment is confirmed, and can be sent up to 3 days after payment confirmation.

8.2 Shipping and delivery costs will be displayed when you are almost finalizing the purchase, in the shipping/delivery/shipping tab, where you will enter your address and zip code.

8.3 The customer will pay for delivery and shipping of the product within pre-defined ranges, or according to the standard weight of the category.

  1. Exchange and return

9.1 The customer may return the product or exchange it that was purchased on our e-commerce within 7 days, whatever the reason, as set out in the Consumer Protection Code in its art. 49.

9.1.1 For the exchange or return to occur, the product must be as delivered, with all accessories, manual and packaging, box.

9.1.2 The product that will be returned or exchanged must not show any signs of use, such as the product being cracked, scratched or showing signs of falling.

9.2 If you requested an exchange of the product, the new one will be sent to the address and you will be notified about the shipment via email.

9.3 If you requested a refund, the amount will be refunded in the same way the payment was made.

9.3.1 If it was via credit or debit card, the amount will be credited or debited on the current or next card invoice, as we will inform the card administrator.

9.3.2 If payment was made via bank slip, the refund amount will be refunded within 30 business days directly to the account we will request at the time of your return request.