Holographic Design Women's Bag

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    Rua do Comércio, 524 - Centro, Santa Ines - SP, 11305-000

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    Main features

    1. "Luxury Geometric Design"
    2. "Versatile Shoulder Bag Assorted Sets"
    3. "Reflects Rainbow Colors with indirect light"
    4. "Semi-waterproof bag"
    5. "Safe and installment purchase"

    We present the perfect bag for any fashion-conscious woman who likes to attract attention. This modern bag with unique geometry was designed for women who seek style and functionality. Its large capacity makes it possible to carry all your essential items, while the foldable design allows for flexibility and practicality. Perfect for elegant and modern women.

    They shine beautifully in sunlight, vehicle headlights, flashes, lanterns or general lighting. Furthermore, its characteristic reflects magical light, creating a dazzling rainbow effect that changes at different angles.

    Size: 20cm X 13cm X 27cm.

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    3) Point the flash at the product to be reflected.

    4) Share your photo with us on Instagram: @loja_holoo / Facebook: Loja Holoo

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